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Stream Alerts – Internet streaming media monitoring solution that provides true Availability monitoring, silence sensing and frozen video alerting to CDNs, broadcasters and individual streamers.

WCCC – The best rock station in the US where I spent a decade working for my mentor and learning about the broadcasting industry. – One of the first Internet radio stations and still the best one playing classical music. Sitting in the basement of WCCC's studios, it was quite a dichotomy.

WWUH – The University of Hartford's public radio station where I started my journey as an audio engineer, working the studio, broadcasting live events and mixing live concerts.

AWStats – An excellent log analyzer written in Perl by Laurent Destailleur and it does a great job parsing web logs to give you a view of what's happening with your web sites. I've contributed some updates to the geo-location plugins, added some features to the core and finished implementing a Google Charts interface.

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