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Windows Media Encoder XML with Authentication

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This one has been bugging me for quite a while: I needed to be able to run a live, PUSH encoding session on startup that was required to authenticate to the Windows Media Services server. When you use the WME GUI, clicking the Start Encoding button will pop-up a dialog box where you can enter in your user name and password. However if you save your encoding settings as a .WME file and try to run it using the WM Command Script, it won't be able to authenticate and your stream will not start broadcasting. It took a lot of trial and error since I couldn't find any documentation on what elements and attributes the server allows, but I found out how to make it work. Read the rest of this entry »

Windows Media Encoder Startup Script

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If you have a critical encoder streaming live audio for an Internet radio station or maybe video for a presentation then you want that encoder to be running all the time and you shouldn't have to login and restart the encoder manually if the host computer loses power or reboots. The Windows Media Encoder has a wonderfully simple graphical user interface but unfortunately you cannot directly configure it as a service to run in the background when the host starts up. Fortunately Microsoft provides a command line script that you can use to start an encoding session on boot-up.

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