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RRDTool 1.4.4 Released with Win32 and DotNet Support


Tobias Oetiker graciously released some patches I submitted that allow users to build the excellent RRDTool library with Visual Studio 2008 and up. I updated Stefan Ludewig's instructions with links to the latest dependencies and updated the solution to make building a little easier. All of the traditional RRDTool functions are working but please note that the daemon and client functions do not work for Windows. You can also build rrdlib to link into your own Windows programs.

While I was at it, I created a quick DotNet wrapper in C# that you can find in the bindings directory. It uses simple platform invoking of the rrdlib.dll so it's quick but there may be problems if you try using it under Mono. I'd like to hear from anyone giving it a shot though. A test application is included with the source.

Download it here!

VB.Net: Remotely Authenticate to Access Network Share


An application I wrote to automatically collect log files from dozens of different Windows web servers required authentication in order to get to the log files. Leaving the folders wide open for "Everyone" would have been a terrible idea, naturally, as visitor IPs, usernames and other sensitive information could be gathered and used for nefarious purposes. FTP could have been used but not all of the servers had the service installed and management would be a bit of a pain. And sincere there weren't any firewall rules blocking CIFS access to the servers, we could just setup a share and easily grab logs. Read the rest of this entry »

SNMP Tables Tutorial

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Recently I worked on a project where we moved a website to a load-balanced environment using a Cisco ACE module on a Catalyst switch. I wanted to setup monitoring so we could see how many people were connected to each server without having to login to the CLI or use Cisco Works as we didn’t have access to existing monitors or the money to buy our own. So I turned to the great Open Source tools, Cacti and Net-SNMP. Read the rest of this entry »

FireDaemon Service Configuration

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FireDaemon is a great program to run scripts and programs as a Windows Service so that you don't have to logon the host and start them manually. It's particularly useful over the basic Windows Task Scheduler in that it will gather standard output from the script you're running so you can debug your scripts much easier. I'll walk through an example of configuring a service to run a script such as a simple .BAT file that will start encoding an audio stream.

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